Author: Jacqueline Martin
ISBN: 9781471866487
Publisher: Hodder Education

Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education for full syllabus coverage.

The only published course to offer full and comprehensive coverage of the syllabus for examination from 2017.

Ensure thorough syllabus coverage with an endorsed textbook covering the content in the same order as the syllabus and offering support from experienced authors for every paper.
- Engage with relevant and up-to-date case examples from around the world to illustrate key topics
- Build knowledge with key elements covered and tips throughout
- Provide opportunities for analysis and evaluation with activities throughout
- Prepare students for assessment with examination questions

Author: Julia Russell, Fiona Lintern, Lizzie Gauntlett, Jamie Davies
ISBN: 9781316605691
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This vibrant coursebook is tailored to the Cambridge International AS and A Level Psychology (9990) syllabus for first examination in 2018 and is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations. It contains rigorous, comprehensive coverage at the most appropriate level of depth and detail for the course. The coursebook contains extra focus on the key concepts of research methods and ethics as well as crucial debates such as nature versus nurture. The content encourages the development of necessary skills of analysis, interpretation, application and evaluation and promotes understanding of ethical and moral issues and their implications for psychological research.

  • Encourages the development of necessary skills of analysis, interpretation, application and evaluation.

  • Promotes understanding of ethical and moral issues and their implications for psychological research.

  • Novel exam-style questions thoroughly prepare students for assessments.

  • Straightforward writing style and engaging internationally relevant examples make the Coursebook ideal for international learners.

  • Written by an author team of respected teachers with experience of writing over 30 books.

  • Colourful and highly attractive design to engage students and promote quick reference to important pedagogical features.

  • Accompanied by tailored teacher's resources to support teachers throughout the whole course.

Author: Sue Stewart, Fiona Warburton, John D. Smith
ISBN: 9781316600634
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations, this second edition of Cambridge International AS and A Level Travel and Tourism has been fully updated for the Cambridge Syllabus (9395) for examination from 2017. Written by experienced authors in an engaging and accessible style, this Coursebook contains a wealth of internationally focussed case studies and links to the key concepts throughout. This book offers comprehensive coverage with an international perspective and in-depth analysis of topics.

  • Links to Key Concepts included throughout to enhance understanding of the syllabus

  • Contains up-to-date case studies and examples encouraging subject-based knowledge as well as a truly international approach

  • Develops practical and technical skills relevant to the travel and tourism industry dealing with a range of complex situations and problems

  • Assessment tasks at the end of each chapter to help students evaluate their own progress and mastery of Key Concepts

  • Wide variety of stimulating activities to check and facilitate students’ understanding

  • Definitions of Key Terms included throughout and positioned in context support English as an Additional Language learners

Author: Hugh Neill, Douglas Quadling, Julian Gilbey
ISBN: 9781316600207
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

This coursebook has been revised and updated to ensure that it meets the requirements for the Pure Mathematics 1 (P1) unit of Cambridge AS and A Level Mathematics (9709). Additional materials have been added to sections on quadratics, coordinate geometry, vectors and differentiation. All of the review questions have been updated to reflect changes in the style of questions asked in the course.

  • Reviewed and revised content to ensure most up-to-date syllabus coverage.

  • Full endorsement from Cambridge International Examinations.

  • Fully updated review questions to better reflect the type of questioning in the AS and A Level Mathematics qualification.

  • Redesigned materials to keep content engaging.

  • Learning objectives at the start of each chapter.

  • Clear, narrative explanation of mathematical concepts, terminology and notation, with results and procedures appearing in boxes for easy reference.

  • Stimulating worked examples that take a step-by-step approach to problem solving.

  • Revision exercises and practice exam papers are featured throughout.