Author: Beth Kemp
ISBN: 9780008287603
Publisher: Collins Education

Anticipated Pub Date: March 2019

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International EducationLevel & Subject: Cambridge International AS & A Level English LanguageFirst teaching: September 2019 First exams: from 2021

The Student’s Book is structured to build skills and knowledge in a clear sequence, and to help students to apply their skills in different combinations. With in-depth and up-to-date coverage of the syllabus topics and a stimulating range of international texts, this book is the ideal companion to the Cambridge International AS and A Level course.

• Supports the transition from upper secondary: Section A refreshes students’ understanding of key concepts such as audience, purpose and form, and of elements of language including sentences and clauses.• Builds writing and analysis skills for AS and A Level: Section B introduces students to different modes of analysis, including contextual, pragmatic, lexical, semantic, grammatical and phonological approaches, and familiarises students with the conventions of different writing forms and purposes.• Explores the syllabus topics in depth: Section C offers a dedicated chapter on each language topic, exploring the relevant linguistic theories and helping students to apply these ideas in their own arguments and analysis of texts, transcripts and data.• Helps students apply their knowledge and skills to extended tasks: Section D offers step-by-step support for responding to a range of tasks with sample responses at different levels to help students understand how to improve.• Builds confidence for examinations with complete exam-style practice papers in Section E.• Encourages an active approach to learning: throughout the book, a wealth of activities ask students to discuss, analyse and apply the ideas they are learning about, and to experiment with different techniques in their own writing.• A rich variety of texts from around the world provide exciting models for students’ writing, engaging examples to analyse, and stimulus for debates about language change, language acquisition, the relationship between language and identity and the nature of Global English.• Full provision for all abilities: an accessible writing style, step-by-step support and clear Key terms definitions build confidence, while Taking it further activities offer additional challenge.• Supports teachers through the free, editable scheme of work available on This clearly maps content to the syllabus and summarises what is covered in each unit of the book. Answers to activities in the Student’s Book are included to assist those teaching English Language for the first time.

Author: Maria Cairney, Mike Gould, Ian Kirby and Richard Vardy
ISBN: 9780008287610
Publisher: Collins Education

Anticipated Pub Date: March 2019

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International EducationLevel & Subject: Cambridge International AS & A Level Literature in EnglishFirst teaching: September 2019 First exams: from 2021

The Student’s Book introduces the key concepts and skills in the Cambridge International syllabus, with a focus on developing effective writing from the start, to give students a toolkit for responding to unseen texts and exploring the set texts in depth.

• Develops effective writing throughout with dedicated activities and exemplar student writing to model different ways of responding to texts.• Structured to help students make progress: each unit offers a clear, step-by-step learning sequence, moving from exploration to supported analysis to independent writing, and building towards examination-style tasks at the end of each chapter.• Supports and challenges all learners. The first chapter of the book introduces the fundamental skills and concepts for the course, building learners’ confidence and supporting the transition from upper secondary. The second part of the book shows students how to apply these skills to write about the three major forms (poetry, prose and drama) and to respond to unseen texts. Thinking more deeply sections revisit ideas at a higher level to challenge the most able students.• Provides an anthology of international texts: fresh texts from a variety of periods and cultures have been chosen to allow students to explore different writers’ choices and their effects.• Practical for the classroom: the book will be clearly organised into practical sequences of learning that can be used as lessons or series of lessons. The focus on activity and modelling offers an accessible format for classroom teaching.• Supports teachers’ planning. The free online teacher resource available on provides editable medium-term plans summarising the coverage of each chapter.

Author: Michael Haralambos
ISBN: 9780008287627
Publisher: Collins Education

Anticipated Pub Date: March 2019

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International EducationLevel & Subject: Cambridge International AS & A Level SociologyFirst teaching: September 2019 First exams: From 2021

The Student’s Book provides up-to-date, in-depth and truly international coverage of the Cambridge International syllabus. It is written by a bestselling author team of experienced Sociology teachers, lecturers and examiners.

• Up-to-date and international: each chapter presents the latest research and theories, mapped to the Cambridge syllabus. Contemporary issues case studies from a whole range of different societies help students to apply sociological ideas to the world today.• Support and challenge the full range of learners: the book offers the depth, detail and clarity that students need to analyse and evaluate at the highest levels, while regular Summary and Key terms boxes help consolidate understanding.• Develop students’ interpretation, application, analysis and evaluation skills with a range of activities ideal for classroom use, including exam-style questions and sample responses at different levels to show students how to improve.• Bring students closer to the practice of sociology with the unique Now and then feature in which leading sociologists, from Paul Willis to Carol Smart, reassess landmark studies in their own words.• Visually engaging: high-impact images with activities help students to visualise and apply sociological ideas and theories.• Trusted author team – Michael Haralambos, Martin Holborn, Steven Chapman, Pauline Wilson, Laura Pountney and Michael Kirby are highly experienced teachers, trainers and examiners, and the authors of bestselling A Level Sociology textbooks.• Supports teachers’ planning with a free editable scheme of work, available on our website This clearly maps content to the syllabus and summarises what is covered in each Part and Unit of the book.

Author: Alan Parsons, Liz Macfarlane and Louise Arnould
ISBN: 9780008250997
Publisher: Collins Education

Equip your students to be creative and reflective artists with our brand new course book, the only resource fully matched to the Cambridge International AS and A Level Art & Design syllabus. The book promotes understanding of the key concepts, encourages critical practice, and builds confidence in practical skills and independent expression.

Exam Board: Cambridge Assessment International EducationFirst teaching: 2018 First exams: 2020

-The only course book on the market with full coverage of the Cambridge International AS and A Level Art & Design 9479 syllabus for first examination from 2020-Guides students through the artistic process of observation and intention, context and concepts, development and refinement and audience and setting in all disciplines: fine art, graphic communication, three-dimensional design, and textiles and fashion-Activities throughout improve students’ practical skills in a wide range of techniques-Developed by an experienced team of teachers and practitioners-Complete language support with key terms highlighted and definitions provided-Dedicated sections supporting students through researching, planning, writing and reviewing their personal investigation as well as a practical guidance section at the end of the book-Critical thinking boxes promote reflective practice in students-Artist and designer features deepen awareness of contemporary and historical practitioners worldwide-Materials, references and examples are drawn from a broad range of contexts worldwide, making this a truly international course book-Suggestions for additional research to take students’ learning further-Annotated student work so that students can learn from real-life examples