Author: Ben Sparks, Claire Baldwin, Jan Dangerfield
ISBN: 9781471860218
Publisher: Hodder Education

Build your students' confidence in applying mathematical techniques to solving problems with resources developed with leading Assessment Consultant Keith Pledger and Mathematics in Education and Industry (MEI).
- Build reasoning and problem-solving skills with practice questions and well-structured exercises that build skills and mathematical techniques.
- Develop a fuller understanding of mathematical concepts with real world examples that help build connections between topics and develop mathematical modelling skills.
- Address misconceptions and develop problem-solving with annotated worked examples.
- Supports students at every stage of their learning with graduated exercises that build understanding and measure progress.
- Provide clear paths of progression that combine pure and applied maths into a coherent whole.

Author: Matthew Parkin, Claire Brown, Melissa Lorenz, Jules Robson
ISBN: 9781316640869
Publisher: Cambridge University Press

Cambridge International AS and A Level Marine Science Coursebook is tailored to the Marine Science syllabus (9693) for first examination in 2017, and is endorsed for full syllabus coverage by Cambridge International Examinations. The coursebook includes exercises to develop scientific skills such as problem-solving and handling information; practical activities to help students develop investigative skills; and international case studies to illustrate phenomena in real-world situations. Exam-style questions and self-assessment questions are provided to encourage students to track their understanding. Students can also develop their maths skills in science contexts. Answers to questions are found at the back of the book.

  • Endorsed for full syllabus coverage by Cambridge International Examinations, so teachers and students can feel confident that the coursebook meets course requirements.

  • Varied international case studies illustrate theoretical concepts in real-world contexts, helping students to apply theory to practice.

  • Specific focus on development of students' maths skills with diagrams, worked examples and practice questions, to build students' confidence.

  • Dedicated practical activities help students to develop vital practical and investigative skills in an active way.

  • Exam-style questions and self-assessment questions are included to encourage students to check their understanding and support them as they prepare for examinations.

  • Answers to all questions in the coursebook are included at the back of the book to allow students to check their own progress and understanding.

  • Written by an experienced author team of examiners and practising teachers.

Author: John du Feu, Jan Dangerfield
ISBN: 9781510414556
Publisher: Hodder Education

Develop knowledge and the skills needed to apply reasoning to mathematical problems with this textbook that covers the Statistics content of the new AS and A-level specifications.

The content benefits from the expertise of subject specialist Keith Pledger and the support of MEI (Mathematics in Education and Industry).

- Ensure targeted development of reasoning and problem-solving skills with practice questions and differentiated exercises that build statistical techniques.
- Address the new statistics requirements with questions around the use of large data sets.
- Cover the use of technology in mathematics with a variety of questions based around the use of spreadsheets, graphing software and graphical calculators.
- Overcome misconceptions and develop insight into problem solving with annotated worked examples.
- Consolidate understanding with end-of-chapter summaries of the key points.

Author: Jacqueline Martin
ISBN: 9781471866487
Publisher: Hodder Education

Endorsed by Cambridge Assessment International Education for full syllabus coverage.

The only published course to offer full and comprehensive coverage of the syllabus for examination from 2017.

Ensure thorough syllabus coverage with an endorsed textbook covering the content in the same order as the syllabus and offering support from experienced authors for every paper.
- Engage with relevant and up-to-date case examples from around the world to illustrate key topics
- Build knowledge with key elements covered and tips throughout
- Provide opportunities for analysis and evaluation with activities throughout
- Prepare students for assessment with examination questions