Author: David Weatherly and Nicholas Sheehan
ISBN: 9780008190453
Publisher: Collins Education

Cambridge IGCSE® Environmental Management Student Book provides in-depth coverage of every aspect of the latest Cambridge IGCSE® Environmental Management 0680 and O Level 5014 syllabuses for examination from 2019 onwards.

• Full coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE Environmental Management syllabus 0680 (for first examination in 2019)
• Written by experienced authors who are specialists in their field
• Clear focus on the integrated approach to the subject as outlined in the new syllabus
• Packed with questions throughout to check understanding and confirm knowledge
• Brings engagement and excitement to environmental management through real-life practical applications and links to other subjects
• Encourages students to think for themselves and experiment with a major focus on problem solving and investigations
• Case studies’ help students to engage with the subject and deepen their understanding
• Further carefully developed features including learning objectives, end of topic terms, concepts and knowledge check all of which provide to provide a clear, engaging resource for students.

Author: Chris Pearce
ISBN: 9780008205874
Publisher: Collins Education
Ensure top marks and complete coverage for the new Edexcel International Level 1/Level 2 GCSE in Mathematics (Specification A) (9-1) with Collins’ fully revised and updated resources. Provide rigour with thousands of tried and tested questions using international content and levels clearly labelled to aid transition from Foundation to Higher.

• Endorsed by Edexcel
• Ensure students are fully prepared for their exams with extensive differentiated practice exercises, detailed worked examples and International GCSE past paper questions.
• Stretch and challenge students with supplementary content for Higher level examinations and extension level questions highlighted on the page.
• Emphasise the relevance of maths with features such as 'Why this chapter matters' which show its role in everyday life or historical development.
• Develop problem solving with questions that require students to apply their skills, often in real life, international contexts.
• Enable students to see what level they are working at and what they need to do to progress with Foundation and Higher levels signalled clearly throughout.
• Encourage students to check their work with answers to all exercise questions at the back (answers to examination sections are available in the accompanying Teacher Guide).
Author: Malcolm Bradley, Susan Gardner, Sam Goodman, Sue Kearsey, Chris Sunley, Jackie Clegg, Sarah Jinks, Mike Smith and Gareth Price
ISBN: 9780008191542
Publisher: Collins Education

Collins Cambridge IGCSE® Combined Science provides full coverage of all core and extended topics in the new syllabus in one book. Carefully developed features including Science in Context, questions, Science Links and more allowing students to build firm scientific knowledge, develop practical skills and approach exams with confidence.

• Full coverage of the Cambridge IGCSE Combined Science syllabus 0653 (for first examination in 2019)
• All extended material covered and clearly differentiated
• Written by experienced authors who are specialists in their field
• Packed with questions throughout to check understanding and confirm knowledge
• Science in Context’ boxes help students to engage with the subject and deepen their understanding
• Science Links’ allow students to make links between topics
• Investigative tasks develop students’ practical science skills
• Exam-style questions help students hone their technique
• Further carefully developed features include end of topic checklists, worked examples, knowledge checks, and learning objectives to provide a clear, engaging resource for students

This resource is endorsed by Cambridge International Examinations to support the full syllabus for examination from 2019.
IGCSE is the registered trademark of Cambridge International Examinations.

Author: Erica Larkcom, Roger Delpech
ISBN: 9781510405196
Publisher: Hodder Education

Develop your students' scientific thinking and practical skills with this second edition, fully updated to match the new 2017 specifications.

- Build students' knowledge with in-depth yet accessible scientific content
- Test understanding with study questions throughout the book
- Prepare students for the exam with sample answers and expert comments plus exam-style questions for every section
- Build practical skills with coverage of all required practicals plus further suggested experiments
- Develop mathematical skills with maths explanations and questions throughout
- Answers to all activities freely available online

Workbook: ISBN: 9781510405653